Drop everything

And go see The Avengers. Its scale of awesome renders me incapable of stringing coherent sentences together.

(IRL highlight: five year-old kid in the front row of the theater screams "GET HIM THOR!" during the climactic battle. Five minutes later, when there's another focus on the Viking during the brawl, the kid and his entire family cheer "THOOOOOR!")

Gah. So brilliant.

When all's said and done

Today was my last shift at my summer job, before classes start in a little over a week. The main things I take away from this experience are a sense of being useful, OCD over any dust or smoothie stuff on the counters and floors, accomplishment, the feeling of inclusion when co-workers and the manager started referring to me by the nickname used by friends and family, and mild amusement at the antics of customers and younger co-workers.

To summarize, it was three months of new skills, socializing and fun. I hope to return to it next summer.

Come together, right now...

Earlier this month, the university admins announced that they were cutting back on languages, which jeopardized the degrees of people taking or interested in German, French, Spanish and Cree. In response to this, my Spanish tutorial leader got together with some of her friends and arranged for a petition to be signed. Stopping by the location for the sign-up last week, some friends from Spanish and I added our names to it.

This morning, in the newspaper, there was an article about the admins reconsidering the cuts, seeing as two thousand students signed that petition. I proceeded to clip it out of the paper and put it up on my wall, framed by "Hell yeah" in German, French and Spanish.

(no subject)

Me and the family are heading out to visit our relatives from the 2nd to the 9th. As a result, I've been trying to power through the last chapters of that FF13 fic. I'm down to four. My brain feels down for the count.

In some sections, it feels like there's so much lacking - but I just don't have the focus (harr harr) to solve it, and I'm not feeling patient enough to take a break and then review it. I should have finished this fic ages ago, but circumstances didn't work that way, so now I'm feeling like I'm letting down anyone who's been reading it up to this point, and that I'm also doing a splendid job of being a pain in the ass to RC, who's been beta-ing the last half of the chapters.

Once it's done, I'll seek recovery in pic progress/dA spam.